We want to see you smile

When your mouth is healthy, you feel good.

When your mouth is healthy, you feel good. And when you feel good it’s normal to smile. Here at Bexident, we want to see you smile.

Bexident AFTAS

5 actions for a fast pain relief

Fast and lasting relief from the 1st application

Bexident Anticaries Triple Action

Bexident ® Anticaries Anticaries Triple Action

Anti-cavities Triple Action Thanks to the new Cranpearls Tech, an innovative combination of sodium fluoride and cranberry extract, Bexident® Anticaries provides triple anti-cavity action and helps prevent the colonisation of bacteria.

Bexident fresh breath

Bexident ® Fresh Breath
Fresh breath for up to 24h

Innovative formula with VSC Neutralising Tech, which helps block compounds and reduce the bacteria that are common in the mouth and can cause bad breath.

Bexident blanqueante whitens & cares

Bexident ® Whitening Whitening action in 7 days

Features Pro-Whitening Tech ® and provides a whitening anti-stain action in 7 days of use. In addition, its remineralising activity strengthens and protects enamel.

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With this app, you can be the star of the new Bexident campaign. It’s easy and fun!

Bexident Encías tratamiento coadyuvante

Bexident® Gums Intensive Care

Daily hygiene complement to periodontal treatments.

Bexident encías uso diario

Bexident® Gums Daily Use

Recommended for daily oral hygiene. Triple anti-plaque action.

Bexident Sensitive Teeth Fights dentin hypersensitivity

Bexident® Sensitive Teeth Helps reduce tooth sensitivity

Remineralises and protects enamel. Anti-plaque action. Long-lasting action.

Bexident Post acelera la recuperación

Bexident® POST

Promotes epithelial regeneration of the gums and oral mucosa and helps reduce spread of bacteria and biofilm formation after periodontal, peri-implant and maxillofacial surgery.

Consejos.  En Bexident queremos ayudarte a sonreír y para hacerlo te damos consejos sobre cómo mejorar tus cuidados bucodentales.

Expert tips

At Bexident® we want to help you take care of your smile. Here are some useful tips that will improve your oral health.