Nutratopic Rx During the acute phase, emollience is the key to treatment

Nutratopic Rx Dermatologic coadjuvant cream

Nutratopic Rx. For when you need it the most, during outbreaks

In acute outbreaks, when atopy is in full swing with inflammation and itching, Nutratopic Rx is a dermatologic adjuvant.

Clinically proven to reduce pharmacological treatment

Suspension of treatment with antihistamines in 54% of cases

Percentage of patients who seek treatment with antihistamines during the second week of treatment.

Suspension of pharmacological treatment in 52% of cases

Percentage of children considered suitable for interrupting corticoid or immune-modulating therapy after 15 days.

Considerable improvement of symptoms associated with quality of life

Proportion of children who meet corticosteroid or immunomodulator treatment withdrawal criteria after 15 days.