Bexident Post After surgery, regenerates and helps with healing

Bexident Post treatment


The Bexident® Post range of products with Chitoheal Tech® technology features an innovative combination of chitosan and chlorhexidine 0.2%, for regenerative, healing and antiseptic action. Allantoin and Dexpanthenol reduce inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Long-lasting action (bioadhesive excipient). Reduces the need for analgesics when applied after surgery.

Helps to reduce inflammation and regenerate the gums and oral mucosa in periodontal and peri-implant treatments.

Cranpearls Tech


broad-spectrum antiseptic action

Regenerative and healing

Reduces inflammation

Speeds the healing process

Bexident Post is an innovative triple-action formula with regenerative, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory ingredients that helps speed the healing process after surgery.

Regeneration adjuvant

  • Boosts cell proliferation
  • Increases collagen synthesis
  • Film-former capacity and regenerative, antimicrobial properties thanks to chitosan

Helps reduce inflammation

  • Decreases vasodilation
  • Reduces oedema and IL-83 levels
  • Contains dexpanthenol and allantoin, for anti-inflammatory healing action

Effectively controls micro-organisms

  • Anti-septic action of chlorhexidine

Bexident Post Mouthwash

Bexident Post Topical Gel

What you didn’t know about surgery

Risks after operation

After a surgical process, certain risks can appear, such as infection or problems with tissue healing.


It is important to use products that have a triple action: preventing infection after the intervention, helping tissues heal and reducing inflammation

Clinically provenClinically proven results

Regeneration adjuvant

Significantly boosts cell proliferation and collagen synthesis.

Untreated mucous membrane

Mucous membrane treated with Bexident Post

Anti-inflammatory effect

It has a statistically significant impact on decreasing oedema, on the treated surface and blood vessels.


Decrease in oedema in mucous membrane treated with Bexident Post.


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