Your body suncare Innovation in every texture. Protection for every type of skin.

How to choose the right sunscreen for your skin?

When choosing a body sunscreen, in addition to the SPF factor, it is essential taking into account the texture and the kind of activity you will carry out. If you choose the one that fits your skin the best, you will be able to apply it properly whenever necessary.

The body sun care line from ISDIN offers a high or very high protection against the UVB/UVA rays, is water resistant and presents a biodegradable formulation with innovative compositions.

Discover our sunscreens that protect your body from the sun: Hydrolotion, Gel Cream, Transparent Spray, Wet Skin, Fusion Gel, Fusion Air, Active Oil… Try them and choose yours!

The most comprehensive protection

Our sunscreens offer Full Spectrum technology thanks to the combination of ingredients that protect against ultraviolet, visible blue and infrared A radiation.


The future is in our hands

A shared work project to make this world a better place. At ISDIN we are committed to a sustainable future by minimizing the environmental impact of our sunscreens.




Fotoprotector ISDIN HydrOLotion The first sunscreen that oxygenates your skin

HydroLotion is the first sunscreen that protects and oxygenates your skin.



Offers very high levels of UVA/UVB 50+, HE-VL and IR-A protection.


Thanks to its formulation with Sepitonic TM rit re-energizes and oxygenates your skin to recover from the stress produced by the sun.


Moisturizes and dries immediately.

“A breeze of fresh air that recharges your cells“

Un día familiar en la piscina, un fin de semana en la playa, unas vacaciones de verano en el pueblo... ¡Y siempre acompañados de vuestro Gel Cream!

Protect your skin
and the skin of those you love

A day at the pool, a weekend at the beach, summer vacation in the countryside… But always with your Gel Cream!

Fotoprotector ISDIN Gel Cream All-terrain sunscreen for the whole family

Fotoprotector ISDIN Gel Cream

Moisturises like a cream.
Absorbs quickly like a gel.

Fotoprotector ISDIN Gel Cream is the perfect sunscreen for the whole family and every skin type. Its Gel Cream texture makes it easy to spread on the body and its oil-free formula gives your skin a silky, matte finish. Available as high and very high sun protection, SPF50, SPF30 HE-VL and IR-A.

Suitable for atopic and sensitive skin.

Now with 25% extra sun protection, in a new 250ml container

Fotoprotector ISDIN Transparent Spray The lightest and most refreshing

Fotoprotector ISDIN Transparent Spray

Transparent, fresh sprays that adapt to your skin

Provides very high levels of UVA/UVB, SPF50, HE-VL and IR-A protection. The new Transparent Spray & Transparent Spray Wet Skin formulas allow a perfect adaptation to your skin that provides a flexible, lightweight protection and gets absorbed immediately. Your skin will feel silky, smooth, with an ultra dry finish. It is oil-free, so sand won’t stick to it. Plus, thanks to the ISDIN Wetflex technology used in Transparent Spray Wet Skin, you can apply the product over wet skin with no decrease in SPF or efficacy and without white residue, but the same protection. You can also enjoy Transparent Spray Wet Skin Fotoprotector with SPF 30

How do you apply Fotoprotector ISDIN Transparent Spray?

The new Jet Spray is convenient to apply with a more targeted spray for an easier and more even coverage. Excellent application to all parts of the body, including hard-to-reach areas.

Fotoprotector ISDIN Active Oil

Fotoprotector ISDIN Active Oil The protection that tans

Provides very high levels of UVA/UVB, SPF30+, HE-VL and IR-A protection.

43% tanner. Activates the tanning process by potentiating the natural protection of the skin with its Pro-Melanin Technology.

Active Oil isn’t just like any other oil, it’s a dry oil that moisturizes, protects and gives your skin a dry, silky feel.



Fotoprotector ISDIN, chosen as the Travelers’ From Around The World Favorite Brand in the Travelers’ Choice from TripAdvisor.® 2017


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