Weak nails?
Weak, brittle, dull nails...

Nails are composed mainly of keratin, which is also found in the skin and hair and consists of a sulfur-rich protein that forms external layers.

Factors such as stress, diet, harsh conditions or microorganisms can adversely affect nail quality and health, leaving nails brittle, soft, dull and peeling.


ISDIN Si-nails

Strong nails in just 14 days

A nail strengthening treatment developed specifically to protect and improve the appearance of nails and cuticles..


Promotes nail growth, increases their resilience, helping to prevent breakage.


Supports remineralisation and restructuring of nails by increasing the quantity and quality of silicon and keratin.


Invisible, easy-to-apply finish that restores the natural appearance of nails and cuticles.

Combination of active ingredients


With ingredients that help to increase keratin concentrations to make nails strong and resilient.


With cationic hyaluronic acid, it provides deep hydration to nails and cuticles, increasing flexibility and reducing the risk of breakage so that you can show off beautiful, healthy nails.


Supplies exogenous silicon to nails, increasing its concentration by up to 82%. A key element need for nails to grow in good condition and free of imperfections..


ISDIN Si-NAILS forms a protective layer on nails, helping to protect and keep them in good health .


How to apply ISDIN Si-Nails

SI-NAILS is very comfortable and easy to apply. . The first time you use it, press repeatedly until the applicator brush is moistened (about 15 times). You only need one press per nail. Follow these simple steps and apply SI-NAILS every day to clean and dry nails to get perfect nails.

Step 1

Use the brush to paint along the entire edge of the nail and cuticle.

Step 2

Move the brush in vertical movements from inside out to cover the entire nail surface.

Step 3

Pass the brush under the nail.

“I love how comfortable it is to apply and how quickly you see results. This is the only one I want to use!”

Cristina Pereira

Results in 28 days

Proven results. Stronger and more hydrated nails and cuticles. Daily use supports remineralisation and restructuring of the nails. With just one click, you can have nails that are protected, healthy and natural in appearance.

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More hydrated nails and cuticles

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More beautiful nails

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Nails with a more natural colour

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Nails grow faster

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