Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Cream Active protection of the skin's defense system

Nutratopic Pro-AMP Crema Emoliente

A body cream for specific areas

Body cream for proactive protection of the specific areas that are usually affected: folds, the areas where the arms and legs bend, chest and neck. It relieves itching, restores the skin barrier and activates the skin’s first line of defense. With a texture that provides immediate comfort, protection and deep moisturisation, strengthening the lipid mantle.

Acción Pro-AMP Improves and prevents signs associated with atopic dermatitis

Signs atopic skin

Benefits Nutratopic Pro-AMP

In the specific areas in which outbreaks usually appear, NUTRATROPIC PRO-AMP Emollient Lotion effectively combats all the signs of atopic dermatitis, breaking the vicious circle.

The PRO-AMP effect, with its double active protection, strengthens the lipid mantle of the skin and restores the skin barrier, helping to keep atopy under control for longer.

Evolution of the Eczema Severity Score

Evolution of the Eczema Severity Score

Reduces the lesions of atopic skin*

Nutratopic Pro-AMP emollient cream for specific areas reduces the ESS in 67% in 3 weeks and 74% in 6 weeks.

The Eczema Severity Score ESS measures the severity of the lesions in terms of erythema, thickness, itchiness and lichenification of the skin. Evaluation: 0 (non-existent) to severe (3) done in neck, arms and legs.

Study charactersitics: N=15, average age 6 y.o. s. *Agostinis and Milani, EADV 2015, Poster P0212