Your feet Complex and delicate

Ureadin Podos Gel oil y Ureadin Podos Db Cream

Your feet, always under pressure

Your feet are complex and delicate, with all-day rubbing, impact, heat and lack of ventilation. Improper care can lead to everything from calluses and roughness to hard-to-heal wounds. ISDIN has a range of products designed to care for and pamper your feet.

What type of care?

Daily dermoactive moisturiser for all skin types.

The perfect complement to your care for beautiful feet.

Care and prevention for healthy diabetic feet.

Ureadin Podos Gel oil Soft and moisturized feet in just 3 days

Ureadin Podos Gel oil

Innovation in texture with proven results

With Ureadin Podos in just a few days you’ll see how rough, flaky skin on the feet disappears and cracking and calluses fade. Use daily for firmer, more elastic skin. Clinical studies have proven it makes feet look better.

Its fresh, light, non-oily formula absorbs quickly, making the product easy to use and maximising efficacy.

Visible results in one week



DAY 14

Ureadin Podos & Electric File Maximise the exfoliating power

Ureadin Podos pack Ureadin Podos & Electric File

Get beautiful, callus-free feet from day one!

Eliminate roughness immediately with the electric file and then apply Ureadin Podos Gel oil for lasting exfoliation and moisturising action.

1. Exfoliate rough patches with the electric file

Use the file on thickened skin on the feet. Its rotating head eliminates rough skin on the feet quickly, gently and effectively.

2. Moisturise the area

Apply Ureadin Podos Gel Oil to finish your foot care. Moisturising is the best way to make sure your feet stay soft and healthy.

Immediate results after just one application

* Self-perception test with 21 consumers

Ureadin Podos Db Care for healthy diabetic skin

Ureadin Podos Db Cream

Do you have diabetes? Proper foot care is essential!

If you have diabetes, you’re at greater risk of developing foot ulcers.

You may experience greater dryness, itching and even numbness in the area.

Skin becomes progressively more fragile as a result of xerosis and poor circulation, which can lead to cracking. These foot-related conditions in diabetics can lead to complications like ulcers, infection and, in serious cases, risk of amputation.

More effective than glycerol-based moisturisers

Ureadin Podos Db is the perfect adjuvant to prevent and treat diabetic foot conditions. Its long-term effectiveness has been proven to be greater than glycerol-based moisturisers.

SEC: Standard glycerol emollient

UC: Ureadin Podos DB Cream