Psorisdin Care and protect the skin of people with psoriasis

Prodcts Psoridsdin for people with psoriasis

For smoother and itch-free skin with Anti-itch tecnology

Do you have irritated, red, itchy and bothersome skin? Does it peel easily and is it rough to the touch? Impaired barrier function of the skin could result in flaking, itchiness and reddening.

If your skin is fragile and needs more protection, the Iralfaris range can help to restore your skin’s balance and health.

Psorisdin bath lotion for people with psoriasis

Psorisdin Hygiene Shower Gel Gentle cleansing formula for daily hygiene

Is your skin fragile? If after your daily shower your skin is red, taut, uncomfortable and irritated… Your skin needs a different hygiene regime that is comforting, respects its fragility and helps bolster its protection.

Psorisdin Hygiene is for you. Enriched with hydrating and emollient oils.

Protects your skin and helps to relieve itchiness.

Psorisdin emollient lotion for daily hygiene

Psorisdin Emollient Specific Lotion For a smoother skin without redness or itching

Psorisdin Emollient is different, formulated to meet your needs. Its rich, emollient and easy to spread texture restores and protects your skin and helps to relieve itchiness. Use every day to keep your skin in optimal condition and leave it looking smooth and beautiful.

Psorisdin daily cream for psoriasis

Psorisdin Smooth Daily Cream Hydrates and restores your skin

If you need specific care to hydrate and restore thickened psoriatic skin, ISDIN presents Iralfaris cream for specific areas. Easily and rapidly absorbed, its thick and mild texture means it can be very precisely applied to rough, hard or flaking skin.

Apply to reduce thickened and rough skin.