Psorisdin control champú para la piel con Psoriasis

Psorisdin Control Shampoo An outstanding shampoo

Iralfaris Shampoo is a unique formula. Unique for you, unique for your skin, unique to guarantee the best results.

An active ingredient for every need. An active ingredient for every benefit. A synergic combination that enhances the effects of the formula and leads to better, quicker results. Less flaking, softer and more soothing.

Proven efficacy on a par with the best dermatological treatment. The exclusivity of clinical efficacy with cosmetic excellence.

Imagine your hair without a flaky scalp. Psorisdin makes it possible.*

Week 0

Week 6

Week 12

Itchiness? Drastic reduction after just 4 weeks**

100% High intensity of itching Week 0

-64% Reduction of itching Week 4

-83% Reduction of itchingr Week 8

*Tested on 70 consumers with moderate-severe psoriasis..

**Tested on 27 consumers under dermatological supervision.

A cosmetically outstanding shampoo

Eliminate flaking and reduce itchiness whilst enjoying your mild shampoo with luxurious foam and good aroma. Cosmetic excellence is the key to good results.

Discover Psorisdin Control Shampoo and its outstanding cosmetic effect.

Good smell

The right amount of foam

Easy to rinse

Easy to brush through wet hair

Frizz-free hair

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