Ureadin Rx Rd protect your skin in delicate moments

Ureadin Rx Rd

What is radiodermatitis (Rd)?

During radiation treatment, some patients may develop skin conditions known as radiodermatitis. The seriousness of the condition depends on several factors: genetic predisposition, time between sessions, total radiation and area of skin treated.

How does it affect skin?

Radiation used in cancer treatments not only destroys cancer cells but can also damage neighbouring healthy skin, causing redness, flaking, itching, dryness and pain. In severe cases, it may even be necessary to discontinue radiation treatment. Plus, after the treatment is over, skin may lose elasticity and ability to recover.

Why use Ureadin Rx® Rd?

Ureadin Rx® Rd is specially formulated to moisturise, care for and protect skin for people undergoing radiation treatment. Its synergy of active ingredients (Urea Isdin®, niacinamide, dexpantenol and allantonin), moisturises, soothes, regenerates, stops itching and regenerates skin to decrease discomfort during radiation treatment and improve the main side effects to skin (2,3).


Efficacy and tolerance clinically tested on 2,900 patients undergoing radiation treatment:

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