AntiMosquitos ISDIN A product for every AntiMosquitos need!

Insects bites are not only a nuisance, moreover they can be very dangerous. Don’t be afraid and enjoy wherever you are. Get protected with the line that covers all the needs your skin and the skin of the ones around you may have!

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AntiMosquitos ISDIN XTREM ...even under high riskconditions

AntiMosquitos ISDIN XTREM is especially indicated for trips to tropical and subtropical areas as well as zones infested with mosquitoes.

Efficient against Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya.

Contains IR 3535, an active substance that repels mosquitoes with an excellent efficiency and security profile. IR 3535 also presents outstanding cosmetic properties. It leaves no oily residue. Mild smell.

New 75ml format

Antimosquitos ISDIN Pediatrics

AntiMosquitos ISDIN Pediatrics Protect your baby’s skin

Protect your baby’s skin AntiMosquitos ISDIN Pediatrics has been especially formulated for babies (+12 months) and kids.

It combines security, efficiency and cosmetic properties like no other in order to protect the delicate skin of babies. Protects up to 6 hours with a pleasant smell.

Alcohol-free formula. Mild smell. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Antimosquitos ISDIN Repelente de insectos

AntiMosquitos ISDIN Effective and secure for the whole family

AntiMosquitos ISDIN contains the active substance IR 3535 that repels insects and combines effectiveness, security and excellent cosmetic qualities.

High efficacy proven against multiple species of mosquitoes and other insects.

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