The daily routine for teenage skin with spots


Purifying cleanser

Shine and spot control

Minimiser for localised imperfections

Fight acne with just 3 steps a day

Spots are always annoying and appear from time to time regardless of age. But if you’re a teenager, you probably have more than just the odd spot or blackhead. Roughly 8 out of 10 teenagers have acne. With Acniben you can fight it in just 3 easy steps.

Acniben purifying cleanser. Deeply cleanses your skin

Acniben purifying cleanser Deeply cleanses your skin

Good daily skincare habits are key to keeping your skin under control.

Acniben has a special foam texture to cleanse and purify deeply. Eliminates excess sebum, allowing your skin to breathe. Contains gentle tensioactive ingredients that cleanse the skin without drying or damaging it; soap-free.

Now your skin will feel fresh, soft and comfortable.

Acniben Shine and spot control

Acniben Shine and spot control Helps eliminate imperfections and gives skin a matte finish

Its exclusive oil-free formula balances and gives oily or acne-prone skin a matte finish.

Right from the beginning, you’ll see fewer spots and less redness.

Continued use helps prevent future outbreaks, things to zinc amide. Prevents new imperfections.

Acniben Minimiser for localised imperfection

Acniben Minimiser for localised imperfection Minimises imperfections

Control and minimise unexpected outbreaks at any time with the single-dose Acniben wipes that are easy to carry anywhere you go.

Their triple action helps eliminate the bacteria that cause acne, eliminate excess sebum and the top layers of the skin allowing the spot to breathe, as well as decreasing redness and irritation with aloe vera.

Emoti … spots? Get rid of them!

One day you wake up, look in the mirror and … oh, no, acne again! What can you do?


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