Body Care Hydration and hygiene for a soft skin

Body hydration and hygiene are fundamental to maintain a soft and healthy skin. The use of appropriate skin care products can help to protect your skin against external factors like UV sunlight radiation, environmental factors (the wind, cold weather) and natural dryness. As well, you will feel your skin nurtured, softer and free of dryness and itching symptoms.

Ureadin Calm

Ureadin Calm

Immediate and lasting relief from itching. The Ureadin Calm product range has been developed with ProComfort Formula,an innovation in the protectionand nutrition of itchy skin that helps relieve and strengthen the skin gainst external aggressions.

Ureadin Corporales


A daily range for the whole family. Contains oatmeal to moisturise, soften, protect and sooth the skin. For better care and hydration of even the most delicate, sensitive skin.

Ureadin Body

Ureadin Body hydration

Your skin hydrated, smooth and itch-free. rom long-lasting hydration for normal skin to deep hydration for the most demanding skin. Ureadin offers a body care formula that adapts to the needs of your skin.

Ureadin Podos Gel oil

Ureadin Podos

Dermoactive hydration for your feet. Repairs and hydrates dry and cracked feet. With its innovative, light and fast absorbing Gel Oil texture,your feet will regain its suppleness and smoothness. You will show off your feet all year round.

Ureadin Rx Rd hydration

Ureadin Rx Rd

Ureadin Rx® Rd is a lotion formulated specifically for moisturizing, caring and protecting the skin of people under radiotherapy treatments.