Finastopic Patented formula with Hair Booster System

Finastopic is the result of work carried out in the ISDIN R&D laboratories in collaboration with dermatologists who specialise in alopecia.

Finastopic Perfect base formulation as a vehicle for finasteride

Patented formula with Hair Booster System, this hair lotion is an easy, fast way to apply formulas to prevent hair loss and the perfect vehicle for finasteride.

By using Finastopic, you get the right pH for the scalp without the greasy sensation in the hair.

Finastopic is a hair lotion with ingredients to help:

Frenar el envejecimiento

Slow ageing

by stimulating cell metabolism in the hair follicle

Evitar proceso de miniaturización

Prevent miniaturisation

and fibrosis around the hair bulb, which leads to premature hair loss

Promover una nutricion suficiente

Promote proper nutrition

in the hair follicles to foster natural hair growth

Frenar la caída del cabello

Slow hair loss

increasing the proportion of hair in the anagen phase versus the telogen phase.

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