Ureadin Spray&Go Moisturised in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee?

Discover a quick, easy way to moisturise. You know that it’s important to moisturise your skin, right? But, do you moisturise every day?

Most people that we asked said that they don’t have time, that they are in a hurry to get dressed. Discover Ureadin Spray & Go, the first spray-on moisturiser that is absorbed in seconds and moisturises all day long.

A new body moisturiser that will win you over

Ureadin Spray & Go

Applied in seconds, it is immediately absorbed

Ureadin Spray & Go is applied in seconds and immediately absorbed… so you can get dressed straightaway and your clothes won’t stick. Your skin will feel soft, silky and moisturised all day long.

Because this is a concentrated spray, you can moisturise anywhere, as the spray rate is under your control.

Very easy and convenient to use

Moisturise your arms and chest with the continuous spray

Also apply to your legs

Quickly massage and done!

HydroISDIN System, a lightweight, effective formula

that has three effects on your skin

It significantly improves the moisturisation of all skin types