Keep your skin healthy, moisturise daily

Ureadin Hydration

*Close-up International. Dermocosmetics Barometer of Spain (market study of recommendation or prescription of dermatologists between July 2020 and June 2021 in specific cosmetic brands that claim to improve the hydration and repair of dry skin).

Your skin is exposed to constant changes that can affect its natural processes. Environmental factors (the sun, the wind, cold weather), or lifestyle factors (lack of sleep, tobacco, swimming (chlorine)), could unbalance the skin, leaving it vulnerable and feeling taut.

Hydration is vital to maintain smooth, healthy skin. Ureadin provides daily body hydration that responds to the needs of your skin. Ureadin Lotion 10 provides intense hydration and long-lasting smoothness that relieves tightness of dry skin throughout the day.

And don’t forget that body hydration should join forces with good hygiene. Ureadin Bath Gel is the ideal gel for your daily hygiene: it gently cleanses your skin and prepares it for deep hydration.