Flavo-C A powerful combination of antioxidants

Flavo-C potente combinación de antioxidantes

Flavo-C is an antiaging facial serum with a powerful combination of antioxidants to combat photoaging thanks to the action of vitamin C combined with the potent antioxidants obtained from the extract of the leaves of the Gingko Biloba tree. It helps skin regain our skin elasticity, provides a higher moisture level and gives a visibly rejuvenated, more radiant look.

Vitamin C, the king of antioxidants

Neutralizes free radicals and regenerates vitamin E leading to a decrease in the substances that cause skin aging.

Its targeted increase in vitamin C helps generate collagen. Proven to improve skin elasticity and strengthen the walls of capillary vessels.

Benefits that help achieve a visibly younger skin

Boosts collagen synthesis to improve skin elasticity. Ascorbic acid is the sign cells receive to start producing collagen. Reduces superficial wrinkles, improves skin texture and slows down skin aging.

Reduces discolouration from sun exposure by interfering with the melanin synthesis process. Skin becomes brighter with regular use. Neutralizes free radicals with its antioxidant effect, protecting skin from oxidative damage.

Leveque et al (2004). Ex vivo cutaneous absorption assessmentof a stabilized ascorbic acid formulation using a microdialysis system. Skin Pharmacol Physiol. 2004 Nov-Dec;17(6):298-303

Wisely formulated to stay stable for 8h in your skin

Pure vitamin C oxidizes when in contact with air, losing its antioxidant properties and, for years, this phenomenon made it impossible to use it as a topical product.

Flavo-C contains 8% of pure and stable vitamin C that stays active on the skin for 10 hours.

More than 20 years of success guarantee the Flavo-C formulation.

Gingko Biloba, the longest-living tree

Ginkgo Biloba, a tree considered as “magical” in ancient China, is the oldest living species of tree in the world. It has survived for 200 million years.

From the leaves of Gingko we obtain a flavonoid-rich extract, a natural pigment with a high antioxidant capacity that combats free radicals by blocking the oxidation of the cell’s membrane and restoring its integrity.

Subjective valuation by users for 1 month


of users

Smoother skin


of users

Reduced wrinkles


of users

More radiant skin

Objective valuation for 1 month


of users

More elastic skin


of users

Firmer skin


of users

More moisturized skin

*Clinical monocentric study, prospective to evaluate the efficacy of a cosmetic product on the skin in normal-use conditions. Evaluation of biomechanical properties (Cutometer MPA580), moisturizing effect (Corneometer), tolerance and self-perception of efficacy. Tested on 33 women (35-66 years old) with a loss of firmness in the skin. Data on file.

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