Maskream is the first hydrogel mask with Slow Release technology

Maskream, the first hydrogel mask

Hydrogel texture. More innovation, better care.

Maskream is a hydrogel mask developed by dermatologists. Hydrogel is a cutting-edge material with innovative features that are very beneficial for your skin.

Its high concentration of dermoactive substances penetrates the deepest layers of the epidermis, improving its appearance from inside out. Feel its long-lasting effects immediately.

When applied, it fully conforms to the contours of your face and becomes a second skin. It is flexible, gentle and strong. It conveniently provides a refreshing and relaxing experience. Feel the cold effect that revitalises and relaxes your skin at the same time.

Hydrogel is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and non-irritant.

Slow Release technology Greater penetration, greater efficacy

Maskream, with its Slow Release technology, enables the active substances concentrated in 30 ml of serum to be released into your skin in a sustained manner.

It harnesses capillarity to optimise serum penetration and provides an immediate and long-lasting effect. Your skin immediately takes on a radiant appearance.

A Maskream for each skin type

With Maskream, you can give your skin exactly what it needs. What is your skin type?

Maskream Hydrating for normal to dry skin

Normal to dry skin

Maskream HYDRATING. Intense and long-lasting moisture that adds vitality and freshness to your face.

Maskream Mattifying combination to oily skin

Combination to oily skin

Maskream MATTIFYING. Mattifying moisture that reduces shine and blemishes.

Maskream Antiaging Skin with signs of aging

Skin with signs of aging

Maskream ANTIAGING. Enhances elasticity and tone, giving your face a younger appearance.

Maskream Active Unify for Skin with pigment disorders

Skin with pigment disorders

Maskream ACTIVE UNIFY. Helps reduce and prevent pigment spots cuased by sun exposure by brightening and unifying the skin’s tone.