The SPF 100 sunscreen for sun allergies
Less itching and rash from the sun

FotoUltra ISDIN Solar Allergy Fusion Fluid 100+

Does your skin react to the slightest exposure to the sun?

Don’t let your allergy stop you from enjoying the sun. Solar Allergy prevents and alleviates the symptoms of sun allergy, such as itchiness and inflammation.

What is sun solar allergy?

Sun allergy (or polymorphic light eruption) is a condition that manifests with skin inflammation, itchiness and rash as a result of an exposure to UV rays. It appears in people who are extremely sensitive to sunlight and can begin immediately after the exposure, after a few minutes, a few hours or several days. How long it lasts also depends.

Once it begins, it is considered a chronic condition because it normally returns each spring (with the first exposure to the sun) and gradually diminishes over the summer.

FotoUltra ISDIN Solar Allergy Fusion Fluid 100+

Foto Ultra ISDIN Solar Allergy Ectoine 1% and SPF 100+ The perfect combination to fight sun allergy

The power of 1% ecotine

Ectoine 1% helps harden the skin, making it more resistant to UV radiation. Protects cells by joining the water molecules around them to form a compound that shields and stabilises the membrane.



1 . Placebo
2 . SPF
3 . Ecotine 0.5%
4 . Ecotine 1.0%
5 . SPF + Ecotine 1.0%

A significant reduction in symptoms in 3 out of 4 users

A significant reduction in symptoms in 3 out of 4 users In users with prior sun allergy, Solar Allergy has proved to reduce the 75% of all allergy symptoms and, specifically, 95% of itching.

By starting this treatment 15-30 days before the first direct exposure to the sun and continuing throughout the exposure period, skin is protected. Its 1% of ectoine strengthens the skin’s natural protective mechanism and makes it more resistant to the sun’s radiation.

Combined with SPF 100+, it is the strongest sun care option for photosensitive skin. Its protection is 2 times higher than the minimum UVA protection (which cause sun allergy) required for a SPF 50+ sunscreen. Its effectiveness has been dermatologically proven.

- 75%

Reduction of symptoms

- 95%

Decrease in itching

“In the past I couldn’t be out in the sun because the itching was unbearable. The change has been unbelievable, with Solar Allergy now I can enjoy the sun without having to worry about any allergic reaction.”

- Carolina G .


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