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train with the best protection

Did you know that when doing water sport, up to 10% of radiation reflects off the water? Likewise, when training at high altitudes, radiation increases 4% for each 300 metres and, when skiing, the snow reflects up to 85% of radiation.

When you do sport, make suncare part of your routine. Choose the suncare product that best fits your training and competition needs. Don’t forget to protect your skin to reach your best performance levels!

Providing good suncare protection

for more than 500,000 athletes each year

Just like you, we participate in many large-scale sporting events, protecting and raising awareness among thousands of athletes about the importance of good suncare habits. Some of the events we participate in:

Top athletes

also protect themselves

“To keep enjoying my dreams, I have to protect and care for my skin every day”

KILIAN JORNET - Trail Running

“I love Fusion Water because even when I sweat it doesn’t burn my eyes”


“Before training or competing, I never forget to protect myself with Fusion Air”



Top performance. The best protection


If you train outdoors on cloudy days, remember to protect your skin! Clouds don’t stop UV radiation from getting through.


Proper suncare also includes the right clothes: hat, t-shirt and sunglasses with 100% UV protection.

RACING AND TRAINING Use proper suncare not only while racing but at training sessions, too. Choose the one that best suits your sport.


Use suncare products specially designed for sport, such as Fusion Gel, invisible protection, or Fusion Water, which doesn’t burn your eyes.

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