Skin Drops Make-up with custom cover

Skin Drops Maquillaje de cobertura adaptable

What do you want from your make-up?

The first liquid make-up in drop format for custom cover. 12 hours on your skin.

Apply one drop for a smoothing base without the sensation of wearing foundation

Apply 3 drops to cover imperfections like scars, discolouration and even tattoos!

Or add Skin Drops to your normal moisturiser to make a BB cream

They've already tried Skin Drops

“I’m much more confident leaving the house knowing that nobody can see my vitiligo, and without the sensation of wearing make-up.”

“It lasts 12 hours, without needing any touch-ups.”

"I like my tattoo, but sometimes I need to cover it up. 3 Skin Drops and perfect."

Two shades that adapt to the natural color of your skin

Skin Drops Sand

Skin Drops Sand

Skin Drops Bronze

Skin Drops Bronze

Skin Drops, the test

The perfect make-up to cover any imperfections that lasts up to 12 hours on your skin.

The ultra-light texture of Skin Drops allows you to cover any imperfections on your skin with just a few drops: vitiligo, discolouration, varicose veins, bruising, scars, burns and even tattoos.