Signs atopic skin

Are you familiar with the vicious circle of atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis (AD), a problem with disruptive symptoms involving a vicious circle. AD comes from a disorder in the skin’s barrier function, with a destructured or altered barrier and an immune deficiency that makes it more vulnerable to possible allergens or pathogens. Atopic skin is dry skin, as its deficient structure makes it easier for it to lose moisture. Dryness means itching, and itching means scratching. Areas of inflamed or injured skin with atopic eczema can lead to an increase in the adhesion and proliferation of bacteria (Staphylococcus aereus) that can occasionally result in complications, such as the risk of microbial superinfection.

Benefits Nutratopic Pro-AMP

Discover the virtuous circle of Nutratopic Pro-AMP

Nutratopic Pro-AMP combats all the symptoms, breaking the circle. Nutratopic Pro-AMP is a comprehensive solution to Atopic Dermatitis, effectively combating all the symptoms and breaking the circle. It restores the skin barrier by reinforcing its lipid mantle and the skin’s immune system, thanks to its formula with L-isoleucine (Pro-AMP). It provides deep moisturisation, relieves itching and thus reduces scratching, helps to reduce inflammation and inhibits the risk of bacterial adhesion.

Pro-AMP effect Proactive reinforcement of the skin’s moisture barrier

Double protection of the skin

1. Moisturizes and restores the skin´s moisture barrier.

2. Inhibits the risk of bacterial adhesion Rhamnosoft.

The importance of AMPs and the barrier function in atopic dermatitis

Combat the signs of facial atopic dermatitis and provide deep moisturisation. 83% of the treated patients presented a significant reduction in associated symptoms.

“Atopic skin can be understood as a faulty wall, which you have to supplement with all the missing or deficient parts: antimicrobial peptides (…)” Eulaia Baselga, MD -Dermatologist. Head of Dermatology Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

“The expression or activation of antimicrobial peptides is essential in the skin’s ability to resist bacterial infection in patients with atopic dermatitis who have a defective antimicrobial barrier”. Peter Elias, MD - Dermatologist. University of California, San Francisco Doctor and expert in the barrier function. Creator of the “brick & mortar” concept of the corneal stratum, an example of the structure of the epidermis as a protective layer of the skin. uses its own and third-party cookies for its operation, to maintain the session and personalize the user experience, as well as to obtain anonymous statistics of use of the web. For more information about cookies used check our COOKIES POLICY