Anticavity Triple Action, with Cranpearls Tech ®


The first anticavity toothpaste with Cranpearls Tech® that offers a triple anticavity action and stops the colonization of bacteria.


Bexident® Anticaries is the first anticavity toothpaste that contains Cranpearls Tech®, an innovative combination of sodium fluoride and cranberry extract that provides a triple anticavity action and prevents the colonization of bacteria even at hard-to-reach areas. It prevents bacteria from forming a biofilm, the precursor of bacterial plaque, and protects teeth and gum. 

Includes cranberry extract, a natural component whose active substance is proanthocyanidin. Several studies have shown that it presents an anti-adhesive, antimicrobial and antioxidant effect by inhibiting the formation of plaque and maintaining the pH of the oral cavity.


How to apply

Use three times a day, after meals.