AntiMosquitos ISDIN Pediatrics

Insect Repellent


Security and efficacy for the little ones in the family

AntiMosquitos ISDIN Pediatrics

Mosquitos repellent. Specially formulated for babies (+12 months) and young kids. With kids under 30-months-old, consult the instructions of the product’s label.


Combines uniquely security, efficacy and cosmeticity specially suitable for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies and young kids.

Provides a highly-protective barrier on skin (6 hours protection) against mosquito bites, including tiger mosquito, and other insect bites.

Provides a pleasant perfume. Alcohol-free. Non-oily and non-sticky on skin.

Does not contain DEET.


How to apply

Apply and spread evenly over the skin of the exposed areas to be protected. Do not spray directly to the face, apply it to with the hands carefully spread avoiding eyes and mouth.

Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the product. 

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.



Composición: 3-(n-Butil-N-Acetil)-Aminopropionato de etilo (IR 3535) 10%, Linalol; Citral; 2-(4-terc-butilbencil) propionaldehído; 2,6.dimetiloct-7-en-2-ol; 4-(4-hidroxi-4-metilpentil) ciclohex-3-enocarbaldehído; 7-hidroxicitronelal; (R)-p-menta-1,8-dieno