Ureadin Fusion Serum Lift Do you know the power of apple stem cells?

Ureadin Fusion Serum Lift

A regenerating concentrate for younger skin

Age, stress and environmental stressors progressively slow down the natural processes of skin renewal. Skin stem cells, responsible for renewing and repairing your skin, lose their regenerative capacity as they age. As a result, your skin loses firmness and elasticity. After a decade of research, at ISDIN we have concentrated the power of apple stem cells to enhance the skin’s youthfulness.

Ureadin Fusion Serum is a concentrated, polyphenol-rich formula that stimulates the micro-environment of the skin’s stem cells, enhancing their regenerative capacity and delaying cell aging.

Our pledge: visible results in 1 week

Your wrinkles and expression lines appear reduced in just 1 week. But Ureadin Fusion Serum offers much more: by enhancing your skin’s regenerative capacity, it also increases firmness and reduces signs of cell aging. Your skin redensifies and recovers the energy necessary to protect itself from stress and environmental stressors.



DAY 28

Clinical results on skin treated with Ureadin Fusion Serum Lift Antiarrugas

Enhances skin regeneration and increases firmness

We have analysed skin density using ultrasound to show that, after continuous use of Ureadin Fusion Serum, the concentration of collagen and hyaluronic acid significantly increases. These structural composites are responsible for skin density and elasticity. Increased concentrations have an instant and long-lasting lifting effect that restores your skin’s smoothness and firmness.



DAY 28

Clinical measurements of collagen in the skin treated with Ureadin Fusion Serum Lift Antiarrugas

Renew your skin

As a result of aging and environmental stressors, skin stem cells slow down, age and lose their regenerative capacity.

Our studies have shown that apple stem cell extract rejuvenates these vital skin cells, which regain their capacity to generate new skin.