Eye contour

Gel Cream SPF 20

Complete formula with active anti-puffiness, dark circle and antiaging ingredients


Treatment and specific care for eye bags, dark circles and expression lines around the eyes. For all skin types.


Instant and lasting moisture thanks to its Urea ISDIN and hyaluronic acid content.

Helps reduce dark circles and bags due to its Hesperidin-methyl-chalcone content.

It acts against the signs of aging thanks to its SPF 20, Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E content.

Gel cream, a light, non-greasy and fast-absorbing texture.

How to apply

Apply daily in the eye contour area with light touches.

For best results, use as part of your daily Ureadin Fusion facial routine.


Urea ISDIN 1%

Hyaluronic acid

Hesperidin methyl chalcone

Coenzyme Q10

Vitamin E

UVA-UVB filters SPF 20