Anti-ageing face cream

Peeling effect to leave your skin looking its best in 45 days


Recommended for dry, photoaged skin with irregular topography or lipid deficit. With a choice of concentrations (8 and 15), you can choose the best solution for your skin.


Helps to minimise expression lines and wrinkles on mature skin, leaving the skin glowing, firm and smooth.

Activates cell renewal, eliminating dead cells and providing an anti-ageing effect thanks to glycolic acid.

Its high content of borage oil hydrates and softens the skin whilst enhancing its elasticity.

How to apply

Apply to cleansed skin and gently massage until completely absorbed. Always begin with low concentrations of glycolic acid and increase as tolerated.

Apply preferably at night. When applied daily, it must be used in combination with a facial sunscreen.


Glycolic acid. Borage oil. Ceramides.