How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

how to get rid of puffy eyes
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If you’ve ever experienced puffy eyes, you’ll know just how aggravating the following three words can be: “You look tired!” No matter how much sleep you might have gotten, there’s always some kind soul there to remind you that the swollen-eyed look is not your usual one. Looking tired is normal every once in a while, but puffy eyes can be frustrating if you experience them often. Read on to find out what you can do to get rid of puffy eyes and make them a thing of the past.

Causes of puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are typically caused by fluid building up in the delicate, thin layers of tissue around your eyes. While puffy eyes are normally associated with lack of sleep, dehydration, allergies, or that late-night decision you made to watch The Notebook, many cases of puffy eyes actually have more to do with the natural aging process

As you age, fluid builds up more easily in the under-eye area, and as the skin under your eyes is very thin (and gets even thinner over time) changes to it become even more prominent, While there may be many ‘instant fixes’ for puffy eyes that can be easily found online, they won’t usually help the swelling in the long-term. So if puffy eyes are a regular occurrence for you, step away from the cucumber, and try out these tips instead!

How to get rid of puffy eyes

1. Create the perfect sleep routine

As puffy eyes can sometimes be caused by a lack of sleep, it makes sense for you to ensure you’re getting between the recommended 7+ hours of sleep a night. But while it’s important to sleep enough, it’s equally important to sleep well. Seven hours of restless sleep doesn’t translate to being bright-eyed and ready to face the day. 

sleep better to get rid of puffy eyes

Create a bedtime routine which will a) help you feel rested before the time comes to actually go to bed and b) contribute to better quality sleep. 

  • Try to go to bed at a similar time every night. This will help your body to adjust to regular sleeping hours. 
  • Wake up at around the same time every morning. ‘Catching up’ on sleep can throw off a routine and make it difficult to re-adjust. 
  • Wind down before bed – play gentle music, take a bath, or do some meditation or yoga to relax the body and mind. 
  • Write out a plan of your upcoming day. A list of things to do can help you organize your mind, meaning you have less to think about as you try to get to sleep. 
  • Avoid using smartphones or tablets before bed, as it has been suggested that the light from screens has a negative effect on sleep. 

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2. Stay hydrated

Puffy eyes can be a result of dehydration, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough fluid, and staying hydrated throughout the day, How much water you need varies from person to person, but a good way to remember how much to drink is to follow the 8×8 rule: eight 8-ounce glasses.

You might need to drink more water if you live in a hot climate, and you should adjust your fluid intake when you exercise – but the bottom line is to make sure you’re getting hydration.

Set a timer on your phone if you need a reminder to drink water, and always keep a reusable bottle with you – at your desk, when you travel, when you exercise. That way, you’ll easily be able to keep hydrated! 

drink water to get rid of puffy eyes

3. Cut your alcohol intake

Alcohol dehydrates your body in general, but it can also make your skin look puffy, so if you’re looking to avoid this around the eyes, cut down on your alcohol consumption. In addition to the changes it can make in your skin, alcohol can also affect your sleep – if you want a good night’s rest, moderation is key. You’ll wake up feeling much brighter, and your eyes will reflect this too!

4. Keep your allergies in check

If your eyes are regularly puffy, and you notice other signs which could point to allergies, such as sneezing, rashes, itchy or watery eyes, or a blocked nose, get them checked out. If you do have an allergy, then you’ll be able to follow your doctor’s advice to help lessen symptoms – those puffy eyes included. 

5. Use an eye cream

Targeted eye products can help to reduce puffiness, calming the delicate under-eye skin and keeping it hydrated. As under-eye puffiness can also be influenced by the aging process, choose a eye cream which will help to restore elasticity, while leaving the skin looking smoother and more hydrated – contributing to a more youthful look overall. 

get rid of puffy eyes with K-Ox Eyes

Of course, if your eyes are feeling tired, and you want a quick pick-me-up, the tried and tested tea bag trick, or cucumber rounds as you relax on the couch might work to make you feel momentarily more refreshed. However, if you really want to get rid of puffy eyes, change up your skincare routine and forge new habits for the rested, bright-eyed look you’ve been dreaming of!

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