Our Fact-Checking & Expert Review Process

Your skin is our passion — and priority. Whether we’re developing a new skincare formula or writing an article about the latest wellness trend, your trust in us always comes first. That’s why every article we publish is vetted by experts. So you can rely on trustworthy guidance throughout your journey towards healthier, more beautiful skin.

Our fact-checking team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in dermatology, medical research, cosmetics, and pharmacology. These experts ensure that every piece of content we publish is reliable, authentic, and, above all, medically accurate. You can learn more about them and their unique qualifications below.

What the ISDIN expert review process looks like

After our articles pass a rigorous editorial audit of journalistic standards, they’re sent to our expert review team. Here’s how the process works:

  1. The experts assess the guidelines, scientific statements, and cosmetic claims.
  2. Then, they review the sources used for the articles to assure their credibility.
  3. Once thoroughly reviewed, the experts pass their feedback back to the writers to make the appropriate edits.
  4. Finally, the experts review the final, updated version of the article for ethical standards and impeccable accuracy.

Throughout this review process, our experts also offer their professional insights. We then bring these to our readers as insider tips, skincare guidelines, and wellness advice.

Meet our experts

Aurora Garre Contreras

Medical Communication Manager
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aurora garre contreras

Alessandro De Luca

Medical Marketing Technician
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Alessandro De Luca isdin