6 Make-up removal mistakes that will damage your skin

6 make-up removal mistakes that may damage your skin
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Our skin regenerates while we sleep. Going to bed with deeply cleansed skin is vital because this allows our cells to recover from the stress accumulated throughout the day. Dirty skin does not regenerate correctly and this can lead to a dull complexion, or even allergic reactions. In addition, skin with impurities and dirt cannot absorb nutrients in the same capacity.

After our many years of experience in the skin care industry, we’ve seen it all when it comes to cleansing – both good and bad! Let’s take a look at six major mistakes we make when removing our makeup, which prevent our skin from regenerating correctly and stop it from looking as healthy and radiant as it should!

1. Using products that aren’t suitable for your skin

The skin on our face is the most delicate on our body and it is almost always exposed to environmental factors and oxidative stress. It is essential we use gentle, respectful products, free from aggressive ingredients. What’s more, if your skin suffers from problems like acne, eczema or rosacea you should only use products specifically designed for those needs.

For example, if you have oily skin that is prone to outbreaks and acne, the objective should be to eliminate excess sebum, allowing the skin to breathe, and to balance the skin’s natural pH.

2. Mistreating the eye area

You should try to use a dedicated eye makeup remover, not just any old facial product. Remove makeup very gently using cotton pads and do not scrub at the under-eye area too hard. We recommend using a single cotton pad for each eye for hygiene reasons and to avoid spreading any possible infection from one eye to another.

Mistreating the eye area

3. Forgetting about your neck

The neck, as well as the face and hands, is an area where premature aging is more evident. Taking care of your neck is very important, and you should always cleanse it thoroughly. You can use the same products as you do on your face and remove impurities and makeup with upward movements.

4. Aggressively drying your face

It makes no sense to carefully remove your makeup with cotton pads, making sure not to rub too hard, then use your towel as if you were exfoliating, scrubbing your skin like your life depended on it! Always be gentle to your skin and dry your face using a gentle patting motion. Try to change your towel every two or three days as impurities and bacteria can accumulate.

5. Using very hot water

We recommend using warm water, even if this feels too much in the summer and too cold in the winter. Why? Very hot water is aggressive for the skin’s natural lipid barrier, leading to dehydration and dullness. Very cold water is not apt for deep cleansing, although it is a good idea to finish your cleansing routine with a  splash of cold water to tone skin and promote circulation in the face.

6. Only using cleansing wipes·

After a long day, you probably want to remove your makeup quickly and comfortably using facial wipes, but this is not the best solution. Moving your makeup wipes back and forth creates considerable friction, and wipes do not cleanse thoroughly, which leads to premature aging. Your best ally is a cleansing cream, gel or micellar water, such as the ISDIN Micellar Solution.

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