Glycolic acid Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid

Unlocking this Nature’s Essential Nutrient

Glycolic acid is a molecule mainly found in sugar cane that is one of the best-known alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs are acidic ingredients that support skin exfoliation and help remove dead skin cells.

What does glycolic acid do to the skin? First, it has a high exfoliating capacity. The higher the concentration, the greater the intensity of exfoliation. It also improves skin smoothness, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even skin tone.

Start with a low concentration of glycolic acid. Once your skin adjusts, you can increase the concentration.

Glicoisdin® 15 Moderate
Night Peel 30 ampoules
Pigment Expert 30 ampoules
Glicoisdin® 25 Intense
Glicoisdin® 8 Soft
Pigment Expert 10 ampoules