Age Contour

Expert firming and rejuvenating cream


Age Contour is a luxurious face and neck firming cream with advanced moisturizing and skin tightening properties. Its rich formula protects against the damaging effects of pollution and reduces the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while redefining the neck and jawline for visibly smoother, firmer skin.

1.81 OZ (51.5g)

All skin types

Non-comedogenic, paraben free, fragrance free, sulfate free, mineral oil free

Fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, dehydrated skin, crow's feet, pollution

Tripeptide complex, alteromonas ferment extracts, crosslinked hyaluronic acid, carnosine

Advanced firming and rejuvenating action
A luxurious rejuvenating treatment with targeted firming action for the face, neck, and décolletage.
Fights sagging and combats glycation in the skin, improving texture, firmness and elasticity.
Provides an anti-pollution effect which helps to protect the skin from free radical damage.
Reduces water loss in the skin, delivering intense hydration that lasts up to 12 hours.


After just 4 weeks, consumers reported¹:
Skin was visibly tightened
Felt skin was more moisturized
Experienced more flexible skin
Skin was more elastic and denser
¹Data on file. ISDIN Corp. 2023. Morristown, NJ.


Expert formulas for optimal skin health
Tripeptide complex
Firms skin and fights sagging by helping to increase levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin.
Alteromonas ferment extracts
Help protect the skin from free radical damage caused by pollution.
Crosslinked hyaluronic acid
Delivers intense hydration and helps to retain water in the skin.
Combats the glycation process, which causes collagen to become rigid and lose its ability to keep skin firm.

How to use

Your daytime firming care
Apply Age Contour onto clean, dry skin as the next step in your morning skincare routine after serum. Spread the cream over your face and neck, massaging gently into the skin until complete absorption. Then, apply your broad spectrum sunscreen.
1. Apply
After serum, apply Age Contour onto clean, dry skin.
2. Massage
Massage gently over face and neck until completely absorbed. Always follow with a broad spectrum sunscreen.
Add Age Contour to your routine
Include Age Contour in your daily skincare routine to help firm, protect and hydrate your skin.
Wash your face with your go-to cleanser.
Eye cream
Massage your eye cream into the eye contour.
Apply a concentrated serum to boost your routine.
Face cream
Nourish your skin with Age Contour.
Sun protection
Protect your skin with your daily sunscreen.


Where should I apply Age Contour?
Age Contour can be used as a firming facial cream, and it can also be used on the neck and decolleté to help improve skin texture, firmness and elasticity.
Is Age Contour fragrance free?
Age Contour contains no added fragrances or scents.
How can I incorporate Age Contour into my skincare routine?
Age Contour can be incorporated into your morning routine, right after the serum step and before sunscreen. For a complete skincare routine follow these steps: 1. Cleanser: Essential Cleansing 2. Eye cream: K-Ox Eyes 3. Serum: Flavo-C 4. Moisturizer: Age Contour 5. Sunscreen: Eryfotona Actinica or Eryfotona Ageless.
What is glycation?
Glycation is a process caused by the presence of excess glucose in skin fibers, which adheres to the collagen and elastin proteins that help keep skin firm and supple. In this process, advanced glycation end-products (A.G.Es) are formed. These end-products make collagen rigid, meaning that it loses its ability to keep skin firm. Age Contour includes carnosine, an anti-glycation agent which combats A.G.Es and helps restore firmness and elasticity.
Age Contour

Age Contour

Expert firming and rejuvenating cream


Firm by day, repair by night
Discover our expert face creams, Age Contour and Age Contour Night.