How to Reapply Your Sun Care Products Over Makeup

How To Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup ISDIN
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Skin experts and dermatologists agree: applying your favorite sunscreen every morning is a must. But there’s a little more to it — we have to remember to reapply throughout the day as well. But what if you’re wearing makeup? What’s the secret to reapplying sunscreen without taking away from your latest look?

Read on to discover how to keep your makeup intact while protecting your skin, along with a couple of tips to help you make it a habit.

Why’s it so important to reapply sunscreen?

Sun protection is only fully effective when used the right way. If you’re not applying enough sunscreen, you’re missing some areas, or you aren’t touching it up as often as needed, your skin might not be getting the level of protection it needs. Plus, factors like sweating or touching can leave parts of your skin unprotected.

Why is it so important to wear sunscreen ISDIN

How can I reapply my sunscreen when I’m wearing makeup?

Choosing a tinted sunscreen formula allows you to protect your skin and give it a touch of color, simplifying your daily routine. Eryfotona Ageless is an ultralight tinted mineral sunscreen not only protects your skin from UV radiation, but also battles the aging affects of the sun (AKA photoaging). It’s packed with peptides, antioxidants, and DNA Repairsomes® to help repair the signs of existing damage.

How should I reapply sunscreen throughout the day?

First remove any shine with a tissue or blotting paper by lightly pressing (not rubbing) onto your skin. Then, apply a generous amount of sunscreen. There — you’re all set!

How often should I touch it up?

The rule is pretty straightforward: reapply your sunscreen at least every two hours and after swimming, sweating, or towel drying.

How can I reapply my sunscreen when I'm wearing makeup?

Tips to never forget

Remember that it typically takes 21 days to form a new habit. This means practice makes perfect. Here are three tips to get started:

Pair reapplication with another everyday routine

One of the easiest ways to create a new habit is to connect it to one you’ve already established. For instance, you can reapply your sunscreen after brushing your teeth at the end of your lunch break. If you train yourself to do these two consecutively, it’ll likely be easier to remember.

Set a reminder!

Another hack is to schedule a reminder on your phone every two hours. That way, whenever you see the notification, you’ll know it’s time to touch up on your sun protection.

Make on-the-go coverage easy with a mineral brush

After reapplying sunscreen, using a mineral powder is one of the best ways to help protect your skin from the visible signs of photoaging. It’s also great for a touch-up if you get shiny as the day goes on.

Mineral Brush provides natural coverage with a matte finish, without altering your makeup. Keep it in your bag and apply it throughout the day for extra photoaging defense and a fresh look.

Make on-the-go coverage easy with ISDIN mineral brush

Now that you know the ins and outs of how to reapply sunscreen over makeup, try your best to make it a habit. Keep in mind that tinted sunscreens can help you simplify your routine.

And above all, love your skin, care for it, and protect it, always.

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