Why is everyone talking about ultraglycans?

What are ultraglycans
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What do I need to apply to my skin to make it look younger and more radiant? This question makes us think of all our friends, as everyone we ask seems to have a different answer to what can seem like a very subjective question!

But what does science have to say? The experts agree and have an answer to your question: place your faith in ultraglycans. Want to know what ultraglycans are and why everyone is talking about them?

What are ultraglycans?

Ultraglycans are a combination of proteoglycans and pre-proteoglycans.

Allow us to explain:

  • Proteoglycans: these skin proteins support tissue, reinforce collagen fibres and promote their anchorage. They provide elasticity and support better skin hydration, which provides a younger look.
  • Pre-proteoglycans: these peptides stimulate your skin’s own ability to create proteoglycans. As a result, they increase the solidity of your skin’s hydration network (allowing skin to stay moisturised for longer) and improve its structure.
what are ultraglycans and why is everyone talking about them

Our skin naturally produces proteoglycans. The problem is that photoaging gradually undermines the production of these highly beneficial proteins, which results in a loss of hydration and elasticity over time. As a result, skin looks older and becomes flaccid, tone-less and more fragile.

How to use ultraglycans

Now you can use Flavo-C Ultraglican, the antioxidant day serum to improve wrinkles and leave skin looking radiant and moisturised. Its advanced combination of antioxidant and moisturising ingredients provides daily skin care.

Every time you break open a Flavo-C Ultraglycan ampoule is like starting a new diet, as they contain a highly concentrated serum that provides immediate effects:

  • After the first application: You will immediately feel that your skin is more radiant and hydrated as the product helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Following continued use for 30 days: You will see improvements in your skin’s firmness, hydration and softness.
  • Flavo-C Ultraglican unites the rejuvenating power of ultraglycans with the anti-oxidant strength of vitamin C to repair photoaging and protect against the impact of free radicals, which leaves your skin radiant and moisturised.

This results in brighter, firmer and more flexible skin. Start the day looking great thanks to the Flavo-C Ultraglican antioxidant serum!

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