On The Red Carpet with Alessandra Ambrosio and Judit Mascó

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Beauty and glamour once again took center stage on Hollywood’s biggest night. As the Official Skincare Sponsor of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2024 (#VFOP2024), ISDIN was there to make sure everyone’s skin was ready for the spotlight.

But like any grand event, it all started much earlier. Hotel rooms transformed into the stage for Alessandra Ambrosio and Judit Mascó, ISDIN Ambassadors and star guests, to share the skincare secrets they put into practice before the party.

Here’s your backstage pass to the star-studded night from start to finish:

Getting red-carpet ready with Alessandra Ambrosio

Accustomed to attending the most exclusive events, supermodel Ambrosio knows skincare is essential for dazzling in front of the cameras: “Today, I’m getting ready for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how I prep my skin for the red carpet.”

Her pre-party routine includes Essential Cleansing, K-Ox Eyes, and Instant Flash serum. But she doesn’t only reserve these formulas for special occasions: “I have to travel for work continuously, and a lack of sleep sometimes shows on my face. Isdinceutics K-Ox Eyes is always in my purse to help minimize puffiness.”

With hair, skin, nails, and wardrobe complete, she makes her way to the event in impeccable style. Her final look? Radiant, minimalist, and undeniably timeless.

Alessandra Ambrosio ISDIN Red carpet skincare routine

A (very) Hollywood night

As the evening continued, everyone from major stars to renowned executives swapped the red carpet for the dance floor. Among them, international model Judit Mascó danced, laughed, and enjoyed herself surrounded by cinema’s finest.

When asked to describe the festivities, Mascó replies with a smile, “A magical night that has been etched in my memory forever.”

“This is one of my favorite events of the year — but this year, it’s even more special because I’m attending with ISDIN,” reveals Ambrosio.

Vanity Fair Oscar Party ISDIN

“A magical night that has been etched in my memory forever.”

Judit Mascó
Vanity Fair Oscar Party ISDIN Retinal Advanced

Alessandra Ambrosio Judit Masco ISDIN skincare

“This is one of my favorite events of the year — but this year, it’s even more special because I’m attending with ISDIN.”

Alessandra Ambrosio

Getting red-carpet unready with Judit Mascó

No matter how much you wish it wouldn’t, every incredible evening has to come to an end. But this moment offers another chance for well-deserved acts of self-care.

After celebrating, taking the time to remove your makeup can be just as important as prepping your skin before the party. And Judit Mascó knows it: “I’m always very diligent with my evening routine. I know that consistency yields results in life — and for my skin!”

Judit Masco Red Carpet Retinal Advanced

“My nightly routine, especially on a day like today, starts with Essential Cleansing. This step is so important — if you don’t properly cleanse, you might experience clogged pores and prevent the rest of your skincare products from sinking into skin,” shares Mascó back at her hotel.

“My second step is Vital Eyes which helps protect this delicate area. Then comes Retinal Advanced, the star of my evening routine. This serum helps to illuminate my skin and soften fine lines — along with a pleasant texture. Finally, I smooth on Age Contour Night.”

ISDIN Retinal Advanced night serum

Ambrosio and Mascó are clear that whatever the event, their skin deserves the utmost dedication. “Taking care of yourself is a symbol of self-esteem and self-acceptance. I like thinking of this time and dedication as a gift we give ourselves every day, not only on special nights,” Mascó confesses. Ambrosio bids us goodnight with a similar sentiment, “Remember: your skin is the star, every day.”

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