ISDIN Micellar Solution

Hydrating Facial Cleansing

Four steps in a single gesture: cleanses, removes makeup, tones and moisturizes

ISDIN Micellar Solution

Moisturizing facial cleanser for all skin types.


Gently cleanses the face without altering the skin barrier.

Removes makeup, including water-resistant and long-lasting makeup. 

In a single gesture it leaves the skin of face, eyes and lips toned and moisturized, ready for your daily facial care.

How to apply

Apply mornings and evenings, soaking a cotton pad and gently cleansing the skin of face and neck. Rinse free.

For best results, use as part of your daily Ureadin Fusion facial routine.


Plantapon: mild surfactant derived from palm oil.

Betaine: emollient and soothing effect.