The planet is our home; let's protect it

Caring for and preserving our world is our task as its inhabitants, and we can do that in every decision we make and every action we take. ISDIN helps protect nature and natural resources so that present and future generations can live in a cleaner, more sustainable world. Our goal To minimise our environmental footprint and harness our potential for making a positive impact. How? By reducing waste, putting into place compensation programmes, involving all our employees to become carbon-neutral and actively promoting projects for the sustainability of ecosystems.


One of our actions is to recover the posidonia, an underwater forest View video

Posidonia recovery programme

In conjunction with the Vellmarí Association, we are heading the programme to recover the lungs of the Mediterranean: posidonia. This seagrass meadow is present everywhere in the Mediterranean Sea and absorbs large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. It is also one of the main producers of oxygen on our planet: One square metre of posidonia generates five times more oxygen than one square metre of Amazon rainforest. It also provides shelter and a home for thousands of marine species and organisms. However, human activity is gradually causing it to disappear, and immediate action is needed to restore the posidonia sea meadows to their original state. Would you like to take part? You can travel to Formentera to learn more about this impressive project, dive through posidonia meadows and help replant them.

Sustainability and awareness programmes

The Earth needs to be cared for and protected so that we can carry on enjoying all the good things it has to offer. That's why we are committed to initiatives that have a positive impact on society, people's lives and the environment.

COLPLAI programme - impact of plastics

Plastic in our oceans is now a global threat. To reverse its consequences, ISDIN is working hand-in-hand with the CSIC to promote the COLPLAI project on the impact of decomposing plastic on the sea, a study that is increasing our knowledge of the problem. The results will also unveil new ways to develop more sustainable products and packaging.

Product Eco-design Programme

The concept of eco-design has formed part of our product design and development processes since 2021. Our new launches and redesigns contain 10% less plastic, are reusable and recyclable and use 25% recycled materials. And we will carry on working to find ways to increase these percentages, further reducing waste and caring even more for the environment.