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Summertime. It’s when things get a little bit brighter, more magical, and carefree all around. Why not make it the same for your skin? That’s where your summer skincare routine comes in.

With help from the experts, we’re sharing how soaking up the sunshine can affect your complexion and which skincare products are ideal for the warmer months. Let’s jump in!

What might happen to my skin in summer?

Here comes the sun. And along with it, the need for protection. While solar radiation affects your skin all year round, the rays that cause sunburns (UVB) are at their strongest in the summertime.

On top of increasing your risk for skin cancer and visible skin damage, excess sun exposure can also trigger something called oxidative stress. Dr. Aurora Garre, Medical Communication Manager, explains, “Too much UV radiation from the sun can overwhelm your system, provoking unstable molecules (AKA free radicals) and triggering oxidative stress.” And this can lead to photoaging.

“Photoaging refers to the process where the sun’s rays accelerate the signs of skin aging, such as dark spots and fine lines,” continues Dr. Garre. And it does so more than anything else in your skin’s environment, also called the exposome.

The best way to combat photoaging? Protect and repair your skin every day. And updating your summer skincare routine is a great place to start.

Summer skincare essentials

How can I update my skincare routine for summer?

Again, sweet summertime signals the need to focus on two things: protecting your skin from the sun during the day and helping to repair its effects at night. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Use an effective cleanser

Even if you’re relaxing on the beach, your skin is still exposed to environmental stressors. Between pollution, sweat, sebum, cosmetics, and a build-up of impurities (ever thought about how many times you touch your face in a day?), your skin needs consistent cleansing. Switch to formulas that work hard to remove impurities, sunscreen, and waterproof makeup.

AM: Start the day with a micellar cleansing water that’s hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and suitable for sensitive skin. Our recommendation: Micellar Solution

PM: Reach for an oil formula for a gentle yet powerful cleanse. Melt away sunscreen and waterproof makeup, while adding some much-needed antioxidant support. Our recommendation: Essential Cleansing

Essential Cleansing Summer Skincare Routine

Expert tip: Do your best to always cleanse twice a day, whether you’re wearing makeup or not. Starting with a fresh palette makes sure the rest of your summer skincare products work the way they’re intended to.

Step 2: Apply a refreshing eye contour cream

Laughing with friends. Squinting into the sun. Staying up late. The skin around your eyes gets an extra workout over the summer. And since it’s some of the thinnest on your face, it can also use a little extra love. Seek out revitalizing eye contour creams to brighten up your look.

AM: When you’re trying to squeeze the most out of your PTO, it can catch up with your skin. Vitamin K oxide helps diminish the look of dark circles. Our recommendation: K-Ox Eyes

ISDIN K-Ox Eyes Cream

PM: Help the skin around your eyes start anew each day. Eye contour cream formulas with antioxidant melatonin can help combat oxidative stress caused by daily skin aggressors. Our recommendation: Vital Eyes

Expert tip: Look for an eye cream featuring a cooling ceramic applicator for an extra feeling of freshness.

Step 3: Add in a super serum

Summer calls for skinimalism. Meaning less can be more when it comes to skincare formulas (but not when it comes to results). Now’s the time to reach for do-it-all serums with lightweight textures.

AM: Embrace the bare face. Reach for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and skin-firming peptides to smooth skin and give a healthy look overall. Our recommendation: Hyaluronic Concentrate

PM: Look for a formula that helps repair the effects of damaging free radicals, without being too harsh on sun-soaked skin. Turn to bakuchiol, an all-natural retinol alternative with a gentle profile. Our recommendation: Melatonik®️

Summer Skincare Routine Melatonik Serum

Expert tip: Your skin’s regeneration cycle (or turnover) takes between 21-28 days. So if you’re subbing in a new serum for summer and counting on results, keep a realistic timeline in mind. While the effects of hydration can show up in a few days, any rejuvenating effects typically take at least 30 days to appear. As with most great habits, consistency is key!

Step 4: Reach for a rejuvenating moisturizer

While winter is the most notorious season for dry skin, staying consistent with your moisturizing routine in the warmer months has its benefits, too. Dr. Garre weighs in, “In summer, hydration is still essential, so that sun damage doesn’t further penetrate skin and do even more damage.”

AM: Make sure your moisturizer pairs well with your next adventure. Swapping out seaside vacation plans for cityscapes? Turn to a formula that both hydrates and helps protect against the damaging effects of pollution.

ISDIN Hyaluronic Moisture

PM: Add in antioxidants. Nighttime creams including antioxidants (like melatonin or vitamin E) can help undo the day’s damage and minimize any visible signs of aging.

Expert tip: Summer can be both drying and cause more oil production than usual depending on the weather and your skin type. Don’t be afraid to switch to a lightweight moisturizer or a richer formula based on your needs.

Our recommendation: Find out which moisturizer is best for you with our quick quiz.

Step 5: Don’t forget the sunscreen

Whatever the season, whatever the weather, sunscreen is essential. But, on the warm days when you’re swimming (or sweating) make sure to reapply your sunscreen more often. It’s also a good idea to wear a hat and sunglasses, avoiding the midday sun when you can.

AM: As the last step in your skincare routine or the first step of your makeup routine, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen (meaning the formula protects against both UVA and UVB rays). And look for a texture that you’ll be happy to wear every single day. Our recommendation: Eryfotona Actinica

Broad spectrum mineral sunscreen for summer

Expert tip: Just how much sunscreen should you apply? For your face, the equivalent of two full finger lengths should be enough. That means running your sunscreen down the length of your index and middle finger and voilà! You’ve got the perfect amount.

More summer skincare essentials

Extra coverage: The best plans aren’t actually, well, planned. And that means that your summer beauty products need to keep up. Try an on-the-go mineral powder formula that delivers natural coverage with a matte finish. Bonus points if it offers additional protection against pollution and photoaging. Our recommendation: Mineral Brush

All-over protection: As soon as your favorite sleeveless top becomes a seasonal staple, so does body sunscreen. Reach for an all-mineral formula that works to protect and hydrate — combating the sun’s moisture-zapping effects. Our recommendation: Fusion Mineral Body

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