Interview with Dr. Simmons on how to prevent melanoma

Dr Simmons on how to prevent a melanoma
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ISDIN has teamed up with Dr. Simmons O’Brien, dermatologist, to undeerstand how to detect the early signs of melanoma, what people should look for when doing a self-examination and how we can help prevent this disease by using sun protection.

Why is it important to detect a melanoma early?

The detection of melanoma early is so important because it is a treatable, potentially curable disease if caught early. What we tell our patients is to look at their skin and to know what the ABCDE of melanoma mean:

  • Asymmetry
  • Border irregularity
  • Change in color
  • Diameter
  • Evolution

Learn more: what is melanoma and how to detect it

Eva Simmons O'brien

How much sunscreen should we use?

What we tell our patients in regards to how much sunscreen they should use is at least two shot glasses worth from head to toe, and to reapply that sunscreen every two hours, especially after swimming and significant sweating. I’m a big supporter ofEryfotona Actinica sunscreen, which is a broad spectrum, SPF 50+ sun cream that helps repairing your skin with its photolyase enzymes.

What do you think about this partnership?

The partnership between the Claire Marie foundation, the Ulman foundation and ISDIN is very important for several reasons. As a dermatologist, I can take care of my patients, but foundations and corporations are able to spread the word and get the message out to a much wider audience. Because melanoma is potentially deadly, it affects everyone and we are seeing an increase in melanoma and the young adult population.

We will donate $5 for every Eryfotona Actinica sold to help support the fight against skin cancer.

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