Amy Ingraham

Amy is a content strategist who turned a part-time obsession with skincare into a full-time passion. Her experience as a creative storyteller includes a range of lifestyle and technology topics across Washington D.C. and Barcelona. What's in her travel bag? Eye contour cream and sunscreen, always.

UV rays and your skin - what to know | ISDIN blog

Seasonal Skincare Advice for a Year-Round Glow

A fresh complexion. Glistening skin. A sunny glow. Our skin has just as many seasons as the world around us. But, how does the changing weather affect our skin? And if it exists, which season is best for skin?

What Is Melanoma and How to Detect It

As leaders in sun protection, it’s our mission to bring attention to the causes and early symptoms of melanoma. We’ve teamed up with two leading dermatologists to share guidance that you can depend on. Read more now.

Bags under eyes in men ISDIN

Bags Under Eyes in Men: It Can Happen, Too!

The fragile skin under your eyes doesn’t discriminate, of course! Bags under eyes can affect both men and women equally, and it’s not just about your sleeping habits! Find out how you can reduce under eye bags with our top tips for men.