Ultra 10

Lotion Plus

Maximum hydration for highly dry and flaking skins

Encuentra tu farmacia

Intense moisturizing body lotion for daily care and protection of very dry and flaking skin.


Instant hydration that helps minimize itching caused by dryness.

Encourages skin barrier restoration thanks to the combination of Urea ISDIN and dexpanthenol.

Adjuvant to skin barrier disorder treatments such as xerosis and mature skin.

Light, non-greasy and fast-absorbing texture.

How to apply

Apply once or twice a day to skin until completely absorbed.

For the best results, use with Ureadin Bath Gel.


Urea ISDIN 10%.

Dexpanthenol 3%: repairs the skin, relieves itching and improves the barrier function.

Emollients: restore the lipid layer of the skin barrier.