Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient lotion Atopic skin

Moisturizes and soothes atopic skin

Daily moisture for atopic skins

400 ml
Nutratopic Pro-AMP
Encuentra tu farmacia

Daily moisture for atopic skins

400 ml

Helps reinforce the natural immune system that defends our skin

Restores the barrier function

Moisturizes deeply,helping alleviate itching and irritation due to its content in Laureth-9 and Niacinamide

Inhibits the risk of bacterial adhesion

Restores the right balance of your skin thanks to its emollient properties

Using it daily helps prevent new outbreaks and prolongs the period free of lesions

How to use

Apply at least twice a day on cleansed, dry skin. Easy body application thanks to its lotion consistency. For the best results, use Nutratopic Emollient bath gel as part of your daily hygiene.