ZN 40

Repairing Ointment

Restores and protects sensitized skin. With proVitamin B5


Specific formula for the nappy area that restores and protects the most delicate skins.


Unique formula with 40% zinc oxide (ZN 40) that provides: 

- Effective repair: combines astringent, regenerating and moisturizing ingredients that help regenerate the cutaneous barrier and improve the soreness and irritation caused by nappy rash.

- Maximum protection: thanks to its formulation with 40% zinc oxide, it offers superior protection in delicate and/or atopic skin and in periods of prolonged exposure to the diaper.

How to apply

As a protector: apply a thin, even layer to clean and dry gluteus and genital area skin after every nappy change.

As repair treatment: apply during 2-3 days on every nappy change. In case of persistent irritation, consult your pediatrician.


Zinc oxide 40%

Dexpanthenol 1,5%

Karité butter


Anhidro excipient