Repair ointment

Treats infected nappy rash. With miconazole


For infection that is manifested as irritation, redness and/or persistent sores of the gluteal skin.


Its specific formula with Miconazole effectively and safely repairs and provides relief to the infected nappy region, avoiding the proliferation of microorganisms. The astringent and regenerating action of its active ingredients (zinc oxide and dexpanthenol), and its excipient in ointment, helps protect against irritation, sores and redness in the nappy area.

How to apply

Apply a thin, even layer to cleansed, dry skin at each nappy change for one week. Consult your pediatrician if the problem does not clear up after 7 days. Use Nutraisdin ZN 40 as subsequent daily maintenance.


Miconazole nitrate 0.25%. Zinc oxide 20%. Dexpanthenol 1.5%.