Urea ISDIN molecule A molecule with proven results in hydration and exfoliation

Urea is a remarkable molecule that enriches your skin. Its effective hydrating properties are known and valued by dermatologists. ISDIN's results have shown that it goes much further, supporting the skin's defence and stimulating its renewal mechanisms.

How does it work? It reduces water loss through the skin and helps to maintains optimal hydration levels. It also promotes cell renewal and natural peeling. Its effectiveness is enhanced at high concentrations, providing hydrating exfoliation.

And bet of all, your body already contains Urea as it is an active part of your skin. We have simply improved its formulation to enhance its properties. The result is Urea ISDIN.

The benefits of Urea ISDIN on the skin

1. Improves barrier function

“Urea ISDIN has an effect on keratinocytes, stimulating the synthesis of structural proteins. Prof. Peter elias, Universtity of California

2. Enhances the immune system

“Urea ISDIN activates the skin’s immune system, stimulating antimicrobial peptide (AMP) production.” Prof. Grether-Beck, Leibniz Research Institute

3. Improves mechanical function & flexibility

“The activity of Urea ISDIN goes beyond the epidermis to affect fibroblasts, stimulating collagen synthesis.” Prof. Juan Krutmann, Düsseldorf Universität

10 years of research supports Urea ISDIN

Over the last decade, ISDIN has collaborated internationally with renowned dermatology experts to better understand the properties of Urea ISDIN. The publication of these remarkable results revealed that it is much more than just an active moisturiser. Its benefits extend to the barrier function of the skin’s surface, its defence system and even its flexibility and resistance.

The result of this research is Urea ISDIN, an exceptional active ingredient. Its formulation ensures optimal topical stability and bioavailability, even at high concentrations. This scientific backing and superior efficacy confirm Ureadin’s position as a skin-friendly hydration range that hydrates intensely and leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Expertly formulated textures exceptional smoothness and lightness

Which texture best suits your skin?

Your skin has specific needs. That is the reason why at ISDIN, when designing a new product, we always have you in mind. Which texture best suits your skin?

The decades of experience in perfecting Urea ISDIN’s formulation has enabled us to develop a texture for each different skin type. They are designed for easy, convenient application that feels great on your skin.

Would you prefer a rich and creamy texture that soothes your skin? A light and silky gel with exfoliating properties? Or a cream that melts gently into your skin? We’ve designed them for you; let your skin decide.