Uradin Podos Gel Oil

Podos Gel Oil

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Repairs and hydrates dry, cracked feet

Uradin Podos is a lightweight hydrating gel oil which quickly absorbs into the skin, designed to eliminate hard, rough skin on both the heels and soles of the feet. Dual exfoliating and moisturizing action works to help feet feel softer, and look visibly smoother. Within just a few days of using Uradin Podos, rough, scaly skin will be visibly reduced.
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    What it can do for your feet:

    Uradin Podos

    Uradin Podos

    Repairs dryness and cracks through a combination of panthenol and shea butter.
    Helps to exfoliate the thick skin on the feet and eliminate roughness.
    Intensely hydrates the skin to help maintain optimal moisture levels and make skin feel soft.

    How to use

    Uradin Podos how to use

    Apply twice a day onto clean skin, paying close attention to the drier, rougher areas on the feet. Once significant improvements have been made, apply once a day to help keep feet hydrated and smooth.

    Key ingredients 

    10% ISDIN Urea
    Retains water in the skin and provides optimal levels of hydration

    Hyaluronic acid
    Help to repair dryness and cracks, making feet feel smooth and soft.

    Lactic acid, bacillus ferment
    Work together to exfoliate and eliminate rough, thick skin.


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    Podos Gel Oil
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