ISDINCEUTICS Pigment Expert 30 ampoules

Pigment Expert 30 ampoules

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Brightening and correcting ampoule

Pigment Expert is a targeted serum designed to brighten and unify skin discoloration. Using a gentle but effective formula, containing skin smoothing and pigment-correcting ingredients, it helps to decrease the appearance of dark spots for brighter, more luminous skin.
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  • 2ml x 30 ampoules
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    Pigment Expert

    Pigment Expert

    What it can do for your skin

    What it can do for your skin

    Helps to achieve a more even, unified tone through a combination of pigment-correcting ingredients.

    What it can do for your skin

    Fights the visible signs of photoaging by helpìng to minimize the appearance of discoloration and skin imperfections.

    What it can do for your skin

    Exfoliates, hydrates, and smooths the skin, helping to restore luminosity and flexibility for a youthful glow.




    What it can do for your skin

    Pigment corrector

    A combination of 4-butylresorcinol, hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid and niacinamide helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots.

    What it can do for your skin

    Glycolic acid

    An alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) with exfoliating properties which helps to smooth the skin, diminishing the appearance of imperfections.

    What it can do for your skin

    Dipotassium glycyrrhizate

    A plant-based ingredient, otherwise known as licorice root extract, which soothes skin and helps to preserve hyaluronic acid levels, boosting flexibility.

    How to use



    Pigment Expert Step 1

    1. Shake
    Take the ampoule from the box and shake gently before use.

    Pigment Expert Step 2

    2. Open
    Insert the ampoule into the protective tube and break it open.

    Pigment Expert Step 3

    3. Prepare
    Place the ampoule into the special applicator tip and remove the cap.

    Pigment Expert Step 4

    4. Apply
    Massage ½ of the serum over face, neck and neckline, avoiding the eye area.

    As Pigment Expert contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), you should avoid sun exposure while using the product and use a sunscreen with a very high SPF.

    Pigment Expert Step 3

    • Targets discoloration
      Helps even discoloration due to UV exposure, environmental pollution, and produced by blemishes.
    • Maximum potency
      Sealed glass ampoules provide measured and targeted care.
    • Suitable for all skin types
      Gentle brightening formula suited to all skin types.
    ISDIN Pigment Expert benefits ISDIN Pigment Expert benefits

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    Pigment Expert 30 ampoules
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