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ISDIN moments

Our products are present in the lives of many people, of different ages, from different countries. And they want to share their experience. You can become one of them.

ISDIN events

As part of our constant evolution, we create and participate in events to raise awareness of our work and know the other.

Practice sport safely


We know that most people who practice outdoor sports are not properly protected from the sun, and we want to help. With this purpose, we conduct awareness campaigns in tournaments like tennis, sailing, running, triathlon and skiing, among others.


We all love to feel the sun on our skin when we’re enjoying the great outdoors – no matter the season! But sun worshippers beware –those rays can be harmful to our skin. There are however ways to protect ourselves! And we must…! With more on how is Dermatologist—Melissa Lazarus, of Lazarus Dermatology, in Miami, Florida. Watch us at The Balancing Act show in May!


Between 3 – 6 March 2017 we are going to be at AAD Congress in Orlando, FL where we are going to share with all American physicians our new innovative dermatological solutions that combine best in class ingredients with innovative textures for best results!

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