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Keeping a balanced vaginal flora and a pH suited to a woman's age and condition are crucial factors in maintaining good vaginal health.

The vaginal microbiota or flora is composed of microorganisms that live in a delicate balance in healthy women. Ninety percent of these microorganisms are beneficial lactobacilli that play an important role by creating a protective barrier on the vaginal mucosa, avoiding the development and implantation of pathogenic microorganisms.

Vaginal infections (vaginitis or vaginosis) may result when this balance is disrupted due to a decrease in lactobacilli or the excessive growth of other species.

Factors that can alter vaginal balance

Certain drug treatments

Antibiotics, antifungals, oral contraceptives, etc.

Irritating factors

Synthetic underwear, inadequate intimate soaps, etc

A weakened immune system

Lowered defences

Hormonal changes

Puberty, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.

MEDICAL DEVICE. This product complies with the regulations on medical devices.CPSP19085CAT

Now with WOMAN ISDIN you can change all that... so that nothing interferes with your quality of life.

Learn about the new complete proposal for the prevention and treatment of vaginal infections that adapts to who you are.

Woman ISDIN Isadin Plus

An innovative formula with lubricating and emollient effect. Helps to relieve symptoms associated with vaginosis and vaginitis such as itching and burning.

Effective treatment of the symptoms of vaginosis and vaginitis, and prevention of their relapse. Hydrating, lubricating and soothing action. Quickly alleviates itchiness and burning sensation.


Live microorganisms. Store in a refrigerator at between 2-8ºC.

MEDICAL DEVICE. Warnings: FOR VAGINAL USE ONLY. Keep this product out of the sight and reach of children. There are no known contraindications to the use of this product. This product complies with the regulations on medical devices. CPSP19085CAT

Woman ISDIN Isadin Plus

Oral probiotic for intimate well-being

You can prevent problems with the vaginal flora from within and say goodbye to recurrent infections. Restores your vaginal flora for more complete protection, and treats the symptoms of vaginosis and vaginitis.


With clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy.

MEDICAL DEVICE. Warnings: FOR ORAL USE ONLY. Do not introduce into the vagina. Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Requires prior medical diagnosis of vaginal infection. This product complies with the regulations on medical devices. CPSP19085CAT

Why take probiotics while on antibiotics?

Although antibiotics target the pathogenic bacteria that cause infections, they can also affect the beneficial bacteria that make up the intestinal flora, reducing the number of microorganisms that benefit our bodies and increasing the number of harmful ones. In this way, antibiotic use can upset the balance of the vaginal flora.

To prevent this imbalance and keep the vaginal flora healthy, antibiotic treatment can be complemented with oral probiotics.

The dosage of Woman ISDIN Isadin Oral does not vary with antibiotic use. Users should continue to take one capsule a day, between meals for better absorption.