Velastisa Intim Reduce and prevent stretch marks

Velastisa intim

Velastisa looks after you during your most intimate moments

Urine, menstruation, sweat, hormonal changes, sexual relations… There are many different factors that could trigger the manifestation of microorganisms and bacteria that, being in a damp and poorly-ventilated area, could lead to infection of your intimate area. That is why it is essential to keep this area cleansed and hydrated.

Velastisa Intim introduces a product range that is perfectly formulated for your most intimate area and that meets all your hydration and hygienic needs.

Intimate care that protects and hydrates

The female intimate area is the most delicate part of your body. A wide variety of microorganisms make up the vaginal flora and create a protective barrier against potential infection. Amongst these microorganisms are bacteria that produce lactic acid and maintain vaginal pH within optimal range to create a hostile environment that prevents the proliferation of infections. Looking after and maintaining these pH levels is essential for adequate intimate hygiene.

The vulvovaginal area is more sensitive than other parts of a woman’s body and is more easily affected by external attacks. That is why it is essential to keep this area constantly hydrated and to avoid dryness and irritations.

Velastisa Intim Intimate Hygiene The delicateness of intimate hygiene

Velastisa Intim Intimate Hygiene

Prevention and protection for the vulvovaginal area

An imbalance of the vulvovaginal area encourages greater colonisation of pathogens, which could trigger symptoms such as itchiness or irritation or even cause infection.And if we told you that the perfect gel for intimate hygiene exists?

The incorporation of a prebiotic prevents, and protects from, microbiological attacks and irritations, its antipruritic agents help to relieve itchiness, hydrates and helps to relieve dryness, respects the physiological pH and replenishes natural flora and Neutraq Technology neutralises bad odours.

This is Velastisa Intim Intimate Hygiene, created for you.

Because we understand the importance of using a specific product every day that respects the pH of your most intimate area and acts like a perfect gel. Intimate hygiene, an essential part of your complete hygiene regime.

Velastisa Intim Vulvar Moisturizer Itchiness? Vulvar dryness?

Velastisa Intim Vulvar Moisturizer

Different stages in a woman's life, shared feelings

Women go through different stages of life in which their bodies and skin experience variable changes. However, vaginal dryness is common to all stages as this area has a specific unique barrier that makes it more susceptible to irritation and dryness:

• Childbearing age: Infections, stress, hormonal changes due to the menstrual cycle, use of contraception

• Motherhood: Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding

• Maturity: Menopausal, physiological processes due to lower oestrogen levels

Velastisa Intim Vaginal Moisturiser Itchiness? Vaginal dryness?

Velastisa Intim Vaginal Moisturiser

The vaginal dryness gel cream for internal use

Comes in twelve convenient single doses for ease of application and dosage and better hygiene. Velastisa Intim Vaginal Moisturiser provides instant and long-lasting hydration, helping to relieve vaginal dryness and atrophy, lack of lubrication and pain during sexual intercourse, increasing the elasticity of the vaginal mucosa.

Clinical evidence in women with moderate and intense dryness

• Instant and long-lasting hydration

• Reduces itchiness and burning sensation

• Increases elasticity of the vaginal mucosa

• Mucoadhesive formula that creates a protective film

Velastisa Intim Lubricant HidroGel Increases the pleasure of your sexual relations

Velastisa Intim Lubricant HidroGel

Velastisa Intim Lubricant HydroGel increases the pleasure of your sexual relations

Thanks to its hydrating, soothing and protective action, it instantly relieves discomfort during sexual intercourse and increases pleasure. It is a lubricating, fluid and transparent gel with high cosmetic effect and tolerability and a texture similar to cervical mucus that does not irritate or stain tissue. It does not affect the physical properties of condoms and respects sperm viability and motility, with a physiological pH. uses cookies to guarantee the best experience for the user. If you continue browsing, we consider did you agree to their use. For more information see our COOKIES POLICY